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Can you imagine that?  Me, a .com.  Who would have ever thought that would happen?  If anyone would have asked me a few years ago if I thought I would ever be a .com, I would have laughed long and loud. Me, a little country boy from a small little agricultural town in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  Now I have several websites, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and I am also on YouTube, My Space, Squidoo, and who knows what else.  I have been published by several article directories (I am an 'Expert Author' Platinum Level under two different pen names on E-Zine Articles) and will have several more articles published this month.

I have retired from the crazy cubicle prison of Corporate America and I am now making my living strictly online.  I have moved from the big city to a small rural community that is more like a family enclave than a town. (You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy).  My morning commute is now from the bedroom to the room we have set up as an office.  I do have to make a detour on the way in: to the coffee maker in the kitchen.  This actually suits me fine because the place I have moved to is not the warmest in the world, so I prefer not to go outside in the winter any more than necessary.  I have an aversion to snow especially when it is measured in feet instead of inches.

The themes of my websites are varied but the major purpose is the same for all of them.  I am endeavoring to help my fellow citizens of this big blue marble.  You may want to visit some of my sites so I will include links to them and a description of them here.

The first site on my list is one that is aimed at forming a community that shares tips and how to's to save money, go green, and improve our lifestyles overall.  The name of this site is Keep More Coin Dot Com and was the first one launched.  At this site you will find everything from do it yourself tips on renovations, energy production, and self sufficiency in general.  You will also find tips to help relieve stress, what to look for when getting your car repaired, how to save on cell phone bills, etc.

We launched another site at about the same time.  It is my wife's site that gives all kinds of great information for adults returning to school. The name of this site is Back 2 School Moms and here you will find information about scholarships, grants, and several other ways to finance your education.  You will also find study tips and other helpful information for conditions that are unique to returning adult students.  Of course there is also information that is pertinent to college students of any age.

I spent a lot of time and money learning what is needed to make money online and decided to help others take advantage of the things I learned the hard way and give them a head start.  I launched the site Fresh Freedom to accomplish that mission.  On this site you will find tips, directions, and links to help you get started on living your dream of working for yourself from home, making money online.  This site is constantly evolving because I am constantly learning new things and finding more pitfalls to avoid.

My wife and I got on a health kick and decided to set up a site to pass on nutrition and exercise information.  The name of this site is Tone Up Abs.  On this site you will find several things dealing with nutrition, diets, and exercise.  We add new items on a regular basis and there is a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

I launched a blog to highlight my Squidoo lenses and other lenses that I found interesting.  The name of this site is Piratejoe84's Blog.  There you will find descriptions of and links to many interesting Squidoo lenses.  I will occasionally include tips on making Squidoo lenses and links to any pertinent information that will help.  If you have never made a Squidoo lens you should really try it.

So, there you have a brief rundown of Joe Rickman.  If you wish, you can Follow me on Twitter or Friend Me On Facebook or both.  When you visit my sites and see a link for something that interests you, click on the link and buy something.  That is how I make my living after all.

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